PPC Marketing Tips for Beginners

When you’re new to PPC Marketing it might seem relatively easy at first; you dive in pick your favorite keywords, write up an ad, give em your credit card information and then watch the sales roll in.  unfortunately it’s not that simple anymore.

Back in the early days of PPC, circa 2002, it wasn’t uncommon to see businesses playing the PPC guessing game but now pay per click marketing has become more of a science than anything else.  There are now a lot of tools and features that eliminate the guesswork as long as you’re willing to do the leg work.  Here are some tips for beginners to get the most out of their PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing Tips – Improve Your Quality Score

When PPC was relatively new there was no such thing as a quality score.  The result was advertisers lumping hundreds of keywords from their seed lists into an ad or ad group.  More often than not this led to ads popping for irrelevant keywords and was a headache for the people trying to manage the ads.

The focus now with quality scores is to write your ads using as many of your primary keywords as possible and only making your ad show for about a dozen relevant keywords.  Quality scores are important to the success of your campaign and the more relevant your ad is to matched keywords the higher the quality score and the more likely your ad is to show.

PPC Marketing Tips – Bidding on Brand Terms

Just because your brand name appears at the top of organic search results, that doesn’t mean you’re going to appear at the top of paid search results unless you’re actually bidding on and writing ad for those brand terms.

Not everyone using search is using it for organic listings.  You should make sure you’re appearing in a relevant way for brand searches as well.  Also, you can’t prevent your competitors from bidding on your branded phrases and the last thing you want is another company stealing away customers that are specifically looking for you.

PPC Marketing Tips – Testing Ad Copy

It’s amazing how many businesses will invest in in PPC marketing but won’t test the copy of their ads.  They just write it, run it and hope for the best until the campaign is over.  It’s a good idea to write your standard ad and then create a few extra variations including one crazy ad.  Watch how they perform using the statistics and analytics provided, and shut down those ads that perform poorly while continuing to tweak the ones that do well.

PPC Marketing Tips – Track cialis online Conversions

If you’re running multiple ads or ad groups using a variety of keywords and sales messages then you should be tracking your conversions to see where your business or your leads are coming from.  Google and a number of other services off free ad tracking services to help you track conversions right down tto the keyword.  This is the best way to prove the ROI of a particular marketing or PPC marketing campaign.

We’ve come a great distance since the dawn of PPC marketing.  With all the unique features added by the search engines including geo targeting, conversion optimizer, ad schedule and experiments it’s tempting to go racing through.  You need to learn to walk before you can run though.  Study the basics of PPC marketing and start small.  Grow your campaigns as you learn and experiment and you’ll eventually be on your way to getting the best results from your PPC marketing.

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