Październik 2010


    The Real Secret to Acquiring Top Search Engine Rank

    The title might suggest that this is the end all be all of getting your site or content ranked in #1 on Google.  This is the kind of stuff that is spread far and wide online with a great deal of emphasis surround on-site optimization.
    Curiously enough the truth is that on-page optimization will not always rank a page over others in the search engine result pages.  While on-page optimization is important, because you want your content delivering a uniform message to establish relevancy, other sites that leverage several different factors could easily clean your clock.
    If you were to compile a list of areas that are considered based on importance over on-page optimization it might look something like this:
    Accessibility – This is pretty simple and straight forward.  Think about; if a search engine cannot see or access your content then your content cannot be indexed.  Crawl-ability for your site should be of the utmost importance.
    Content – The content you put up can’t just be a pile of keywords that resembles a jumbled tag cloud.  That’s not how you establish relevancy.  It’s important to have compelling, quality material on your site that will not attract the interest of visitors but it should compel them to share.  When content is shared you establish natural links to your content that weigh in on your overall rank within the search engines.
    On-page elements – Beyond the content it’s important to have the on-page elements working together without over doing it.  That means keeping your titles, tags, subheaders and links in line with the best practices.  These provide a large boost in the potential of your site to climb  the search engine result pages.
    User experience – We mentioned accessibility of the search engines but the experience of the user plays an important role as well.  Their overall experience on the site will play a part in your own rank as well.  How people view your site will influence the number of links you gain, the conversion rate, the browse traffic and the bounce rate of your domain.
    Marketing – Sometimes it simply boils down to the fact that great content is no substitute for great marketing.  You can put all the great content you like on your website but if the people searching for what you offer cannot find you then you don’t really exist on the net.  You’re just one more page.  With increased marketing there is increased exposure.  It’s important to manually spread the word about your content.  Creating your own traffic and links will lead to more organic traffic within the SERPs and an improved rank.
    When you apply all of the things listed here you’ll make headway in improving the presence of your site online.  The result of course is increased exposure and an improved rank for your targeted keywords.  Remember, it’s not just about the content on your page or the number of keywords you’re using.  It goes deeper than that.  It always has, and as the algorithm is improved the web will only expand on the factors that are used to rank a site.