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    Kamikaze Social Networking At Its Finest

    I had an interesting run-in with someone in Facebook this morning that made me realize that people still don’t “get” social media.  To put it in as few words as possible to explain the situation, I basically had someone run up on me and slap a sticker on my ass essentially turning me into their billboard.
    I’m not speaking in literal terms of course, since this occurred on Facebook, but it was equally offensive.


    Book Review: The New Rules Of Marketing and PR

    In The New Rules of Marketing and PR, author David Meerman Scott wastes no time in telling people that they’re doing it wrong.


    5 Tips For Providing Value In Social Media

    Have you been helpful to a customer lately?  When was the last time you did it through Social Media?
    Social media isn’t just a channel for firing off content at your consumers or prospects.  It’s far more than a conduit for putting an ear to the ground and learning about your industry.  It also shouldn’t be limited to the digital equivalent of a used-car lot where business and leads is concerned.


    6 Twitter Tips To Boost Your Content Marketing

    People are still a little stumped at how something as simple as Twitter can cause so much head-cocking and consternation with businesses trying to market online.
    The overall concept of Twitter can probably be compared to that of another tool with a range of use – a hammer.  When wielded properly you can craft anything from a simple bookshelf to an entire home for a family.  It really boils down to how you wield the hammer.


    Discover The Importance Of Social Media Strategy

    Did you have a clearly defined plan the last time you threw yourself into Twitter?
    A huge percentage of the businesses marketing themselves within social media are doing it wrong.  Not “wrong” in the sense that there is a measurable way to do it “right” all the time, but they’re essentially skydiving without inspecting their parachute.


    Top 10 – How To Connect In A Digital World

    I’ve noticed a bit of a conundrum as of late that has to do with the digital vs. analog existence of us all.  Mainly that you can have the most appealing and inviting physical location on the earth, and still have problems networking.  It points directly to an inability to be found online.  If your customers can’t connect with you, and other businesses can’t see you, then you lost the opportunity for social networking on both a B2C and B2B level
    If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it fall, does it make a sound?


    Measuring Social Media ROI: Bring A Big Bucket

    Why does it always come down to measurement with people.  There are so many of us banging pans and kettles, demanding to know the best way to measure ROI in social media because it must be measured differently.
    Yes, there are varied behaviors and as such they require different measuring standards right?
    Riiiight.  Let me share with you K.D. Paine’s famous acronym – HITS
    How Idiots Track Success