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    Conversion Killer – Your Site Is Destroying Your Marketing Efforts

    We talk a lot about content marketing and the herculean effort we put into making sure that our social media marketing efforts reach the right audience with the right message – but rarely do we focus on things that are equally (if not more) important.

    Our websites.


    B2B Marketing: Thought Leadership Rules All

    Top B2B marketers know that there are a couple primary objectives:  Building new business and becoming a thought leader.
    According a recent Economics Intelligence Unit study, 56% of B2B marketing execs state that “positioning our company as a thought leader is a top objective”.  1/3 of those who responded also stated that they felt thought leadership was the key to marketing their services over the next 5 years.


    Make LinkedIn Answers Part of your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

    If you want to use social media to build leads and generate some powerful credibility then you should turn to LinkedIn Answers.  This is particularly true if you work within a B2B medium, because no other networks offers the same focus on business.
    That’s what LinkedIn is after all.  A network of business professionals.
    It doesn’t take a massive amount of time each day, and you can simplify the entire process using the RSS feed from LinkedIn.  With a tight strategy to it, you can spend about 15-20 minutes each day and form some solid networking.
    First and foremost:


    3 Tips For Small Business Lead Generation

    Every upstart and small business is often worrying about leads – mainly because if you have enough leads to sustain you and you’re not worrying about them anymore then you’ve probably moved beyond “small business” status.  There are a number of ways you can push yourself in the right direction to create a magnet like effect for leads, and other times you need to hammer away at the anvil to make your own.
    While these tips aren’t meant to shortcut a tried and true lead generation system, they can certainly jumpstart your efforts.


    5 Tips For Providing Value In Social Media

    Have you been helpful to a customer lately?  When was the last time you did it through Social Media?
    Social media isn’t just a channel for firing off content at your consumers or prospects.  It’s far more than a conduit for putting an ear to the ground and learning about your industry.  It also shouldn’t be limited to the digital equivalent of a used-car lot where business and leads is concerned.