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    SYNND Software Will Revolutionize Online Marketing

    I found a radically different tool that I’m sure is going to shake things up in the Internet marketing world. Consider this…
    Content (1), Inbound Links (2) and Traffic (3) are the 3 major ranking factors for the search engines (especially Google). this tool promotes content (1) and then initiates natural inbound links (2) and produces immediate traffic (3). When all 3 of these elements combine you have a recipe for high search engine ranking and visibility.


    The Art Of Social Media Recruiting

    Active recruiting means you’re looking for the right person for a job.  Any one actively looking to fill seats knows that you can’t throw all your efforts into one location because your prospects may not be at that location.  You need multiple sources.  If you want to find the most diverse crowd to pick from and find those gems than you have to start picking through the far corners of the web, including social media.
    Demographics might change across various platforms and channels but you can count on some solid elements that exist through all of the social networks


    Get The Most Out Marketing & Networking On Facebook

    A frequent concern is how people can leverage Facebook for social media marketing.  It’s often seen as a kids site and nothing more than a simple social network.  If that’s the case, then how come so many businesses are finding success there?


    Overcome The Struggles Of Blogging

    Blogging is a powerful tool for engaging prospects.  It has reach, potency, branding power, it can imbue trust and credibility and it’s scalable to virtually any business that gets involved with it.
    With that said, it’s got more obstacles than an urban assault training course that can leave the average joe or business owner completely baffled, frustrated and annoyed with the entire concept.


    5 Content Marketing Errors That Make You Look Dumb

    A great foundation of content marketing, whether you’re dealing with blogs or articles (and just good copywriting in general) is a sturdy conversational tone within your content.  This gives you the ability to snatch up the grammar rules and bend them a little.  Sometimes a lot.  The main point of it is not to generate the perfect thesis for college, it’s to emulate the way people speak – even if there is a dash placed somewhere it shouldn’t be.


    Top 10 – How To Connect In A Digital World

    I’ve noticed a bit of a conundrum as of late that has to do with the digital vs. analog existence of us all.  Mainly that you can have the most appealing and inviting physical location on the earth, and still have problems networking.  It points directly to an inability to be found online.  If your customers can’t connect with you, and other businesses can’t see you, then you lost the opportunity for social networking on both a B2C and B2B level
    If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it fall, does it make a sound?


    Measuring Social Media ROI: Bring A Big Bucket

    Why does it always come down to measurement with people.  There are so many of us banging pans and kettles, demanding to know the best way to measure ROI in social media because it must be measured differently.
    Yes, there are varied behaviors and as such they require different measuring standards right?
    Riiiight.  Let me share with you K.D. Paine’s famous acronym – HITS
    How Idiots Track Success


    Mom Taught Me Everything I Know About Social Media

    At least how to manage a business there.  Well, maybe not everything, but she got me off to a good start.  This came to mind in light of Mothers Day of course, and when those sentimental days come around I can’t help but think how certain people have profoundly impacted my business life in social media marketing.


    Missing The Key Element In Social Media Strategy

    This might sound a little odd, but in my experience the key element that most people are missing in their social media strategy… is the strategy.  A number of marketers and business owners fall into this easy trap of setting up plans, timelines, goals and listing a bunch of tactics to achieve that goal.
    That’s not a strategy.


    Apple Launches Dating Site – Forehead Smack Heard Worldwide

    There are times when everything about the web is right.  Not “right, but I’m talking “just right”.  When everything is at an eclectic climax and all the pages throughout the world are singing in an orgasmic chorus that rivals the highest choir of angels.  When every site under your guidance suddenly pops up on page one of the SERPs.
    I love those times, because it is the signal of a beautiful and glorious day.  A day like that is rarely rivaled.
    Today isn’t one of those days…