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    How to Prep for Google+ Brand Pages

    How to Prep for Google+ Brand Pages


    Why Digg Struggles Under The Power of Reddit

    Back in August of 2010 you may recall the update made to Digg – they announced a relaunch and revision into “version 4″.  As the update was put into effect, Digg was down for the better part of an entire day and those loyal users who loved Digg were locked out.  Unable to search it, submit to it or use the site in any form.  Once the new version went live, people had a strong dislike for the new interface and the feature changes drove regular users away.


    Rethink Your Social Media Policy: Get Employees Involved

    Those companies that have begun dipping their hands into the social media watering hole are being greedy.   They’re not letting anyone else in on the pleasure of what social media is all about.  They should be treating it like a Democracy – that’s what the internet is all about anyway.  Instead of leaning heavily on one position or small group of people, companies should be mining their entire pool of employees both for promotion and for content.
    Why close employees off to social media?


    Blogs Are Changing The Web – Here’s Proof

    What was once a silly little platform for airing general thoughts and feelings has turned into a massive behemoth… for airing thoughts and feelings.  Of course it goes beyond that now.  Blogs are changing the face of not only publishing but marketing as well.
    The problem with the web as it used to be was that it was loaded with static pages that were drab, dull and boring.  For the longest time, web sites were seen as an untouchable entity to many companies.  If they had one, they dare not tamper with it.  It was like the engine to an expensive automobile.


    Top 10 – How To Connect In A Digital World

    I’ve noticed a bit of a conundrum as of late that has to do with the digital vs. analog existence of us all.  Mainly that you can have the most appealing and inviting physical location on the earth, and still have problems networking.  It points directly to an inability to be found online.  If your customers can’t connect with you, and other businesses can’t see you, then you lost the opportunity for social networking on both a B2C and B2B level
    If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it fall, does it make a sound?


    Measuring Social Media ROI: Bring A Big Bucket

    Why does it always come down to measurement with people.  There are so many of us banging pans and kettles, demanding to know the best way to measure ROI in social media because it must be measured differently.
    Yes, there are varied behaviors and as such they require different measuring standards right?
    Riiiight.  Let me share with you K.D. Paine’s famous acronym – HITS
    How Idiots Track Success


    Mom Taught Me Everything I Know About Social Media

    At least how to manage a business there.  Well, maybe not everything, but she got me off to a good start.  This came to mind in light of Mothers Day of course, and when those sentimental days come around I can’t help but think how certain people have profoundly impacted my business life in social media marketing.


    Missing The Key Element In Social Media Strategy

    This might sound a little odd, but in my experience the key element that most people are missing in their social media strategy… is the strategy.  A number of marketers and business owners fall into this easy trap of setting up plans, timelines, goals and listing a bunch of tactics to achieve that goal.
    That’s not a strategy.


    Want To Boost Conversions? Get A Business Hubby

    Put down your torches and pitchforks, I’m not being sexist… or stupid (though some have stated I suffer from both from time to time).  This is a very real and legit topic that comes from a strategic perspective.  Keep your ear to the ground and follow me.