Social Media Networks


    Are You Hiding Your Social Networking Profiles?

    What your audience can’t see can hurt you.
    Here’s some proof – I had a recent conversation with a long time client who had been discussing social media marketing with me, and was curious how he could invest more into Twitter to gain a larger following.  We discussed a few tidbits of information and common tactics before I looked through their current marketing strategy, including the website – I was a little amazed that nothing I saw indicated that they even had a company Twitter account.


    The Art Of Social Media Recruiting

    Active recruiting means you’re looking for the right person for a job.  Any one actively looking to fill seats knows that you can’t throw all your efforts into one location because your prospects may not be at that location.  You need multiple sources.  If you want to find the most diverse crowd to pick from and find those gems than you have to start picking through the far corners of the web, including social media.
    Demographics might change across various platforms and channels but you can count on some solid elements that exist through all of the social networks


    Get The Most Out Marketing & Networking On Facebook

    A frequent concern is how people can leverage Facebook for social media marketing.  It’s often seen as a kids site and nothing more than a simple social network.  If that’s the case, then how come so many businesses are finding success there?