Social networks


    Creating Value In Social Media – Knowing What To Do & When

    There is a vast difference between simply deciding to do something and knowing what to do.  That difference separates the winning team from the losing team.  There are simply too many people and organizations that jump on the social media wagon simply because everyone else is doing it.
    If you simply do what others are doing then you move from being a strategic thought leader to a lemming.  By coping and following the herd, you have the potential to get a bit of what everyone else is getting but you’re not likely to get anything new.


    Kamikaze Social Networking At Its Finest

    I had an interesting run-in with someone in Facebook this morning that made me realize that people still don’t “get” social media.  To put it in as few words as possible to explain the situation, I basically had someone run up on me and slap a sticker on my ass essentially turning me into their billboard.
    I’m not speaking in literal terms of course, since this occurred on Facebook, but it was equally offensive.