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Thomas Rozof is a respected business analyst and consultant in Dubai providing expert advice and individualized optimal solutions for business consulting to help achieve growth, high efficiency and improve the value of your business.


How does it work? The first thing that every business consultant should do is analyzing during which all the individual customer’s business related information should be gathered and analyzed. After thoroughly understanding a case, a consultant starts evaluating in order to determine problems and weaknesses, determine the gaps of a particular business company. He creates plan filled with optimal strategies, custom-made solutions and then starts the implementation phase. But the process does not finish there, a business consultant is monitoring entire process and makes changes if necessary, we assist until you reach your goals.


Thomas Rozof and our entire team go through a described process with you and make sure that you are standing on the shortest path to success at all times. We understand that setting up a new business or its branch can be Hard and challenging, but we are here to help you to do it without any struggle. We provide services for company formation in Dubai as well as targeting clients’ most critical issues for sustainability. We give you some expert advice and create an optimal work-plan for you to overcome any problem and successfully increase the value of your business.


We have a wide knowledge in business consultancy. With the great experience that we gained during working with various customers and organizations. We have become a customer-oriented professional company which set high standards of business consultancy in Dubai area. If you are looking for a reliable, professional, experienced analyst and consultant contact us. We guarantee that you will experience success without any difficulties in a short period of time. Thomas Rozof and our team believe that everything you can imagine can become real and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.

Business Consulting

Opening A New Business Or Branch Is A Lot of Hard Work. We Help You To Do It Without A Stuggle!

Business Setup

Company Formation

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“Everything you can imagine can be real”

Lauren Buffet